Winter Golf Training

Discover the secrets to mastering your golf game during the winter months with our comprehensive guide, offering tips on indoor simulator golf, swing analysis, strength training, and club maintenance to keep you ahead of the game come spring.

As the temperature changes and snow and frost blanket our once green grass, avid golfers might find themselves longing for the days of perfect fairways and sunny skies. However, winter does not have to mean putting your golf game on hold. In fact, it can be an excellent time for focused training to improve your skills and get a head start on the next golf season. In this blog post, we will explore some effective winter golf training tips to keep your game sharp even when the weather outside is frightful.

1. Indoor Simulator Golf:

One of the most popular ways to continue golf training during the winter months is by utilizing indoor golf simulators. Did you know RedWater has indoor simulators at five of our locations? RedWater LiveGolf Studios locations include Macatawa, Muskegon, Sunnybrook, Thornapple Pointe, and Thousand Oaks. Each location has a unique setup, that includes either TrackMan or AboutGolf units, that allow you to play virtual rounds on famous courses while analyzing your swing and shot accuracy. They provide valuable data and feedback to help you refine your skills.

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2. Swing Analysis:

Winter practice is about efficiency and intentionality. The NCAA only allows student athletes to practice 8 hours per week including mental game and working out, which is 40% of the allotted time of summer practice (20 hours). What if we did the same? Practice with a purpose and be intentional instead of beating balls into a screen for hours on end.

With our snow covered Midwest winters, competitive events won’t begin until April at the earliest. The winter is the best time to work on the mechanics of your golf swing because you can focus more on the technique of your swing rather than where your ball goes. states that on average, it takes 3 months to successfully make a swing change. It also states that it is best to make these swing changes in a consequent-free environment. To make a swing change in the summer could be destructive to the score of your game whereas making the changes now will create good habits and consistent swing patterns for your upcoming competitive season. With 9 instructors dedicated fully to instruction and golf professionals at each location within RedWater, we have you covered.

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3. Strength and Flexibility:

Maintaining your physical condition is crucial for golf. Use the winter to engage in strength training and flexibility exercises that will improve your swing power and consistency. At RedWater, we have two fitness locations: RedWater Fitness at Watermark CC and RedWater Fitness at StoneWater CC.  Personal Trainers, Sarah Myszak at RedWater Fitness – Watermark and Angela Knape at RedWater Fitness – StoneWater are happy to help you with your fitness needs. Contact Sarah at and Angela at

4. Club Maintenance:

Take advantage of the offseason to inspect and maintain your golf clubs. Clean them, replace worn grips, and make any necessary repairs. Having well-maintained clubs can help you perform at your best when the golf season returns. Each RedWater Golf location provides grip and club repair through the golf shop.

Winter golf training may require some adaption, but it can be a valuable time to improve your skills and set the stage for a successful golf season. Utilize indoor facilities, focus on swing mechanics, maintain your physical condition, and update the condition of your equipment. By dedicating time to winter training, you will be better prepared to step onto the course when the snow melts and the greens are ready for play. Embrace the challenges of winter, and you’ll emerge as a better golfer when spring arrives. 

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